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Captain Underpants - *Autographed* Official Soundtrack CD

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Signed by Kevin Hart, Thomas Middleditch, Nick Kroll, Dav Pilkey, director David Soren and producers Mireille Soria and Mark Swift.



1. Captain Underpants Theme Song – “Weird Al” Yankovic
2. A Friend Like You – Andy Grammer
3. Saturday (Cast Version) – Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch
4. Think – Adam Lambert
5. 1812 Ofarture – The Students of Jerome Horwitz Elementary School
6. Hallelujah – Kevin Hart, Thomas Middleditch and Ed Helms
7. Oh Yeah – Lil Yachty
8. Saturday – Nathan Willett of Cold War Kids
9. Comic Book Opening – Theodore Shapiro (Score from “Captain Underpants”)
10. Saving The Day – Theodore Shapiro (Score from “Captain Underpants”)
11. The Prank For Good – Theodore Shapiro (Score from “Captain Underpants”)